POS Nation offers training videos for Aldelo for Restaurants. This section focuses on software and POS setup. This manual is available through Aldelo Systems Inc. and resellers worldwide. other languages that the manual may be translated into, please contact Aldelo. Aldelo User Manual Download, The Aldelo For Restaurants software solution is extremely user friendly and very simple to learn. Download your manual today.

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Make sure the Enable Staff Banking checkbox is selected. Click on the Network and Internet option.

On the third keypad, enter the amount of tax that applies to the taxable range you just xldelo and then click the button. This procedure is beyond the scope of this training manual. The caption changes to By: When finished, click the Save button See Figure Upon making the final entry, click the Save and Done buttons. For our Checkers restaurant, enter the information as seen in Figurebelow.

Notice that there is no comma between the state poz the zip code.

Click the button to transfer the orders to Eleanor. Click the Change button.


ALDELO POS Training Manual

Two printing options are available. Select aldeko order again by clicking the checkbox next to it, and aldell select driver Robert Johnson. When the button text says Most Expensive Half, the price for the higherpriced topping is charged for the entire pizza. Mznual vendors do not want to wait until a check can be issued. To enter another discount, click the New button and repeat the procedure above. Select the Show Driver Dispatch Screen checkbox.

Our reservation is for a quarter past eight so click the Enter the Hired Date and Tips Received status for each employee from the table above. To remove all selected modifiers, click the Clear All button.

The credit is reflected immediately on the guest check and the system returns to the Order Entry screen. This activates the fields below, allowing you to edit them. Right-click your adapter to display a list of options.

ALDELO POS Training Manual – PDF

Next, click the Money Drop button. No user action is required. Bacon Bits Plain Croutons Mod: The Void button removes the entire line from the order, no matter what the quantity. Upon completion, click the alde,o.

The members of the group display in the center of the screen. To order another item with the same modifiers, select it from this screen. Note the options on the lower half of the screen that may be selected for this menu group item.


Aldelo POS Restaurant Manual | Sharp pos terminal up-v series manual

Enter the information from the table below. The Recall Order screen opens, allowing the user to select the order to edit. To enter another bank, click the New button and repeat the procedure above.

Any information entered here will override the information entered in Postal Codes. Finally, we setup a third modifier template to manuaal the user to select the two side dishes that come with each entree. Follow the procedure below: Click on the Reservations Tab.

This excess cash is placed in a secure. Click on the arrow next to the date field to display the date picker window. When prompted, enter 12 and nanual the button to clock in the owner, George Murphy.

Figure Please note that the brackets from your taxing authority s tax table must be entered in ascending order; you cannot enter them randomly.