A classic sci-fi novel from the beloved author of the Dragonriders of Pern® series. She was a restoree, kidnapped. Torn from Earth by a bizarre and nameless. Restoree by Anne McCaffrey – book cover, description, publication history. A classic sci-fi novel from the beloved author of the Dragonriders of Pern® series She was a restoree, kidnapped. Torn from Earth by.

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And nobody else in this society has ever before thought, “Geesh, maybe being captured and chopped apart by man-eating aliens Would be sorta traumatic –? A bewildered Sara realizes she is on an entirely different planet and that the man she is tending is being deliberately drugged.

Restoree by Anne McCaffrey Published: The over-the-top horror toward restorees of a kill-nearly-on-sight variety also doesn’t make a huge amount of sense.

From the Paperback edition. I haven’t read a lof of sci fi and certainly not from the 60’s but I tho I came up with this longterm plan to read Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series so willy nilly I started picking up her books in second hand shops. This book still stands up today! I wouldn’t recommend it as an introduction to her. Why is an out of print book so expensive as an e reader?

I remember being thrilled with this book when I first read it in the early 80s. This is an old-fashioned romance, in ways I do find dated, even eye-rolling. Her dawning awareness of her situation — or I guess I should say her reawakening consciousness — is beautifully described and is much more personally involved than the rest of the book.

Restoree (Literature) – TV Tropes

Kick ass heroines were thin on the ground in all strains of fiction then, most particularly in SF. Adored mccafcrey the Alien Assassin. Another mccafvrey that has improved a lot mcfaffrey the 60’s is the cover. She withholds the drugged food and he comes back to his senses revealing himself to be the Lord Harlan formerly regent of Lothar, the world they are on, and a victim of vicious political intrigue.

For the younger me it was exciting and adventurous; the main character had been almost as bookish as I was and yet she ended up having an incredible adventure and was an active participant in a world- changing event!


All I want for Christmas is my Alien. And thank god the aliens turned her beautiful!

Restoree by Anne McCaffrey

I was right to do so. She had two brothers: It still has rsstoree satisfying parts that I wish it could she could have rewritten it later on, with more polished writing and better scientific terminology. Their sexual relationship is definitely more attuned to the cultural norms of the s than today, as the lines of consent are not as clear-cut as one would like them to be.

I read this several decades ago but remember little about it. As the story continues, she becomes increasingly passive and spends a lot of time being reassured, patronised and used as a political tool by the men in the story.

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She died at the age of 85, after suffering a massive stroke on 21 November The Mil remind me of something straight out of Lovecraft. But aside from their awful smell, we never see what the Mil look like.

The Mil remind me of something straight out of Lovecraft. Retrieved from ” https: The Death of Sleep. Delivered to the Aliens. Together they escape and set out to save Lothar from political enemies and all the human worlds from the Mil. It made me destoree just how old school this science fiction novel truly is.

In other words, the reader can easily experience what she’s experiencing and see what she’s seeing. The writing contains many sci-fi genre cliches and the science almost painfully basic and old rockets, Tel-Star, etc. The prevalence of old-fashioned slate use in so many of her sci-fi stories still frustrated and amuses me.

Secondly, it’s sexist, despite being a feminist book. I have read this, and many other McCaffrey books many many times. In which case, hat’s off to McCaffrey for pushing things forward for the science fiction genre, for women writers, and for readers.

I thought I had read all of her works, but somehow missed this one. The Dolphins resroree Pern. I reasoned that she didn’t love it as much as I did she really didn’t and she’d probably just throw it away or leave it behind at the end of the semester anyway, so When she recovers her sense of self, she finds herself on what she knows to be an alien alb This review and many other reviews and features can be found at www.


She is one of a number of restorre female attendants in a strange asylum whose job it is reetoree care for catatonically insane men.

Restoree is a science fiction novel by American writer Anne McCaffreyher first book published. This planet, Lothar, has been under constant threat of attack by an invading alien force known as the Mil, and following several decades of relative peace, the planet has fallen under political turmoil. By the time the three children of her marriage were comfortably in school most of the day, she had already achieved enough success with short stories to devote full time to writing.

Lists with This Book. Looking forward to reading this again. For the first part of the book I was completely captivated as Sara becomes more aware of restotee surroundings and the man she is caring for, and then as she and Harlan escape from a sanitarium and travel to relative safety.

The romance itself is not too bad – a little overly quick to establish, bu Sara, a country girl living in New York City, is kidnapped by aliens intent on stocking their larder. The relationship between Sara and Harlan is anen something out of a vintage romance novel, except that Sara has skills and talents and is a competent human being.

I loved it then and I love it now. It’s especially bad whenever the romantic interest is anywhere near our heroine.

I first read this as a teenager in the ’80’s.