Zettels Traum. [Arno Schmidt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Numbered edition, signed by the author. One of copies. Folio size. It is crossed, and they leave at the other end. At the bridge at the end ~Arno Schmidt, Zettels Traum [Quoted/translated in Innovative Fiction. Esther Yi writes about the German writer Arno Schmidt’s magnum opus, “Zettel’s Traum,” which has been translated into English by John E.

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And feeling pretty much like this right now: The Wall Street Journal. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I longed, yet dared not to employ my vision. Who’s getting a reading group together? The sentence—the dread sentence of death—was the last of distinct accentuation which reached my ears.

Why we haven’t reviewed it xettels For an enormous originally published as a page typoscript, and now as a properly typeset page textZettel’s Traum originally published as Zettels Traum is Arno Schmidt’s much discussed and surprisingly well-selling magnum opus.

As many of you might know, the giant of literary translation from German John E.

Zettels Traum

The readers who love these books and make them known get 5 stars from me. Dan and Paul visit a nearby pond to continue their discussion of Poe’s Rodman and Pym. So, I come face to face with the great Trojan Horse itself. Good — it’s one of my life’s ambitions to make it through this.

A married couple, both translators, go to visit a Poe scholar, there begins a very, very digressive evening on the nature of literature, language, love, meaning, and the like. Schmidt has his followers, yet in a time when literature is desperately striving for social relevance, Schmidt’s work stands proud and naked as a work of literature first and cultural politics second, though Schmidt’s crabbed leftist elitism is hardly buried.


This article about a s novel is a stub. I’ve only made it through the first of the eight chapters, but I gather that Schmidt sticks more or less with the program for the entire book. And not just puns; Schmidt has his own dirty emoticon language, as with this punctuational depiction of sexual intercourse: Perfect as a household object: Schmidt may regain ground once the pivot swings back away from politics and back toward the sort of Barthian “everything is a story” hijinks that were popular in the 70s and 80s.

In the meantime check out Ronald’s status pic here: Dan and Franziska are then left alone and discuss their relationship during the second half of the chapter, which ends with a medical scare.

Bottom’s Dream (Zettel’s Traum) – Arno Schmidt: an overview of the reviews and critical reactions

Schmidt was a man of vast autodidactic learning and Rabelaisian humour. In einem Akt spontaner Hilfeleistung rate ich ihm, von diesem Machwerk abzulassen. First and foremost it is svhmidt Edgar Allan Poe, or perhaps it is language itself that plays that lead role; and it is certainly about sex in its many Freudian disguises, but about love as well, whether fragile and unfulfilled or crude and wedded.

View all 3 comments. Take it as a dream that eats literature. With roots in both German Romanticism and Expressionism, he attempted to develop modern prose forms that correspond more closely to the workings of Arno Xrno, in full Arno Otto Schmidt, born January 18,Hamburg-Hamm, Germany—died June 3,Cellenovelist, schmmidt, and critic, whose experimental prose established him as the preeminent Modernist of 20th-century German literature.


As with other forms of masturbation, the greatest risk factor is that you will end up with a wrist fracture. Poe is the sort of author and influence a writer will tend to repress out of his or her mind. zettles

Australian Translation of the Title: Stars for length, or weight, but not for love, it will not be loved, it cannot be loved. It alters the way you read itself, though not for any purpose other than its own aesthetism.

So, not only does this book as a translation get 5 stars from me, the publishers who take the risks releasing these kinds of works get a 5 stars from me. Through this translation, one of the most interesting trraum I’ve ever read is available to the whole of the English speaking world thanks to John E. Check is in the mail. Notify me of wchmidt posts via email. Views Read Edit View history.

Refresh and try again. Yes, you may find Schmidt a tad regressive in his gender attitudes. The physicality of the book and the ritualistic aspectsfor instance. Learn how your comment data is processed. Notify me of new comments via email.