Download CARE2X – Integrated Hospital Info System for free. Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. ER Diagram with detailed fields descriptions (PDF files) (Release version , , ). Person. Person – Encounter – Address (). Please refer to the documentation of PHP in doing these configurations. If you are running Care2x in an SSL server, make sure that the $httprotocol variable in .

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The mobile sleep lab app: New project propsal was made to further customize Care2x and roll out to hospitals.

There are also hospitals in South Africa, Kenya, Egypt working on it. Bahmni updated 1 month ago.

We have selected Care2x for several reasons. More information about Care2x can be found in its homepage http: Get more information about technical and non technical documentation here. I think, Now-a-days web based software is in great demand.

Installation of CARE 2X – manual installation

It has been very stable and the staff is motivated caee2x use it. In the latest 5 years the system was translated to more than 20 languages, inlcuded portuguees and spanish. Start your web browser.


To do this use phpmyAdmin to run the following sql scripts: The advantage of web based software is you can access the software from anywhere. The secret key for the second level script lock. Check this link http: Despite Care2x is still under development and needs a more depply revision, the most important issue in this development is that it was the second open source initiative to develop an HIS after the OpenVista project.

Within the newly created database create the tables. Future roadmap Care2X Forum: If necessary, you can set the webcam source urls here.

ER Diagrams

We strive to develop the most useful and practical integrated healthcare information system which is open for others to vocumentation further. You still need one? OpenMRS updated 1 month ago. The public project started with the first release of the beta version 1. Start the mySQL database server. Please refer to the documentation of Apache in doing this configuration. Please refer to the documention of mySQL.

Enter the username and password that you used at step 8. GNU Health updated 1 month ago. Normal manual installation For advanced php users, you can click here For automatic installation, you can click here NOTE: You will be asked for the username and password for accessing the database.


Report on existing open-source electronic medical records.

This page has been accessed 29, times. Privacy policy About Clinfowiki Disclaimers. If you are using mysql, skip this step and go to step The program module phpmyAdmin csre2x be displayed after a successful authentication.

Documentation |

The idea was to develop an open source framework for hospital information systems based on open source code. Download to the latest version: The system architecture was developed upon stable and proven applications. The programming was started in December The planned modifications and our time schedule are seen there also.

Some of our hospital started to use a locally made DOS based program 6 years ago but that time it was impossible to give timely support to district hospitals and most of them have stopped using the program.