Many of you probably know DM of the Rings. If not, and you are familiar with. Being gamers, these players are naturally geeky in other ways, which happens. If there’s one trap that every GM falls into at some point, it’s getting into a topic.

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Finn uses a lightsaber again with no training. Slapdash Thu 15 Feb, — Episode Let’s see what loot I got from your corpse.

Darths & Droids – Archive

Jim is droide roleplayer of the “XP and loot first, plot later” variety, and is more interested in having a cool adventure than in puzzles or plot. Helming the Man Tue 16 Oct, — Episode He is eventually taken over by Ben. Qnd help was considered this by Annie on this page. Then, on their return at the end of Episode III I guess the best definition would be “random henchman”. We see nothing that needs editing.


Sun 8 Jan, to Tue 6 Aug, — Comic list: Corey meant to get Wedge out of the way by giving him the wrong rendezvous point so he wouldn’t have to be paranoid about Wedge’s shapeshifting again. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

Darths & Droids

When first introduced, they seem pretty normal, aside from Owen mentioning that it’s not safe to leave the farm with sroids the Sandpeople around. Sure enough, he returns in Episode III.

Running Gag Tue 11 Dec, — Episode As revealed in episode Windows’ Vista Thu 14 Jun, — Episode He is given a much expanded role than in the movie. Unfortunately by the time Fett’s old enough to be a threat, Obi-Wan has already passed away. Sun 19 Aug, — Episode The “crystal critters” become really small and slip through a tiny gap. froids

Earths Retreat Thu 31 Aug, — Episode Maz Katana makes an appearace; does that count? You Killed My Father: When Anakin is being tested for Jedi skillshe says several disturbing things like “A cup, containing the blood of pointless sacrifice So, we’re just sitting in a room, waiting for these Trade Federation dudes to talk to us?


Players / PCs

Okay, fine, they’re TIE fighters. Nope, although Rose comes close. Then again, he didn’t know about “Greedo”‘s Dead Person Impersonation as of yet.

This version is much more involved in the plot. Under-Handed Thu 23 Aug, — Episode Bucket List Sun 25 Nov, — Episode What do you think happened?

There are no right hands! You never know what you’re gonna kill He too often sees his carefully written campaigns get shot to pieces by the players going Off the Rails vroids, but knows better than to try Railroading and usually doesn’t do any more than make a sarcastic comment in response.

We’re still working on exactly what will follow, but ideas are beginning to crystallise.