However, he we want to consider The Duchess of Malfi as a Revenge Tragedy, we need to know what we mean by revenge tragedy and its major conventions. Duchess of Malfi Answer: The revenge play or revenge tragedy is a tragedy in which a murder victim is avenged, often by a younger kinsmen. ‘DUCHESS OF MALFI’ AS A REVENGE TRAGEDY | The main aim of this work is to point out series of revenge that occurs in the text and find.

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By introducing the tone of moral justice at the end, Webster raises the original theme of revenge to a higher plane. However, if we want to consider The Duchess of Malfi as a Revenge Tragedy, we need to know what we mean by revenge tragedy and its major conventions.

The rake’s currency with the audience lessened with the change in the times, a new monarch, and changes in social and cultural values and mores. The presence of supernatural elements In addition to this, I have to disagree with your points on the supernatural in ‘Malfi’. However, the Latin playwright, Seneca, is considered to be one who established the revenge play tradition. Bosola can be termed as the protagonist as few critics also label him so as he is the one who avenges the wrong done to the duchess and according to the norm dies in the end thus restoring the peace.

And he is perfect enough drawing the art in his own style that makes it more acceptable to the readers to accept it as a true revenge tragedy. The Cardinal and Ferdinand first exact revenge on the Duchess for disobeying them and then Bosola vows to take revenge on them in turn.


Yet, as pointed out above, women’s growing awareness of their limitations and their aspirations for more freedom in expression does not in the plays, and did not in society, translate into a change of female legal status until the following century. In presenting supernatural elements, for example, Webster deviates from the origin making replacement that he uses echo instead of a ghost for a specific purpose.

English Literature Essays: The Duchess of Malfi as a Revenge Tragedy

He starts even to attack his own shadow. Bosola plans to save Antonio, who had escaped, and punish the brothers, but he mistakenly kills Antonio instead. In this play we see madness of mmalfi mad people. Webster tires to make the spirit of his dead protagonists.

Yes, it may have been announced pf a proper disease back in Jacobean times; however, it is a state of insanity. So, there are the ten murders Revenge and murders: Still, just be careful when you make bold statements. Firstly, the tragic protagonist is a woman. Is there truly a presence of ghosts in this play that adds to its supernaturalism? Webster’s play keeps step with traditional revenge tragedy in dealing with horror.

In The Duchess of Malfithe theme of insanity is multi-layered. Nearly all of the major playwrights of the time contributed to this class of drama. However, hue is some psychological interest too present in it. The narrative should involve in complex plotting.

He refuses to buy into Angelica’s self-deception and instead castigates her. So, in a word we can say that it is a perfect revenge tragedy. But ironically he, not the Duchess, becomes mad.

“The Duchess of Malfi” as a Jacobean Revenge Tragedy | Raadaa

The characteristics of Revenge Tragedy are: The violence and horror scenes give it the touch it needs mlafi be a revenge tragedy. Webster introduces the espionage to be a new characteristic of revenge tragedy. Helena declares to her sister that she has a healthy sexual appetite and curiosity. On the other hand, the brothers, who exhibit unrelenting evil, are associated with motifs of darkness, fire, the devil, and sin.


Webster also diverted from Senecan model in presenting the supernatural elements. The Duchess of Malfi is a play replete with darkness, both literal and figurative.

Duchess of Malfi ;is it a melodrama raise to the level of a tragedy? They are the victims of an insensate fury that blinds the eyes, maddens the drain, and poisons the springs of pity.

Antonio is killed and Ferdinand, Cardinal and Bosola all meet their death at the end. The story should centre on characters of noble birth. Ferdinand gives her the command. The plot should involve physical horrors, such as poisoning and torture.

He cannot accept the fact that his twin sister has a lover in secret. The use of disguise allows many of the female characters to skirt societal restrictions but it also reveals how repressive their conventional roles actually are.

“The Duchess of Malfi” as a Jacobean Revenge Tragedy

They think that the Duchess has destroyed the reputation and status of their family. The play has revege distinctive features compared with other tragedies of its era. For one, the protagonist is supposed to die in the 5th act of the play; however, the Duchess dies in the 4th act.

Taking revenge and murdering people are the integral part of revenge tragedy. In this Webster has shown vital concern for an artistic atmosphere of supernatural.