Ernst F.W. Alexanderson, in full Ernst Frederik Werner Alexanderson, (born Jan. 25, , Uppsala, Swed.—died May 14, , Schenectady, N.Y., U.S.). Ernst Alexanderson ( – ); a Swedish-American electrical engineer, a pioneer of radio and television development; received US patents. The man who developed the high frequency generator that made this possible, and much more, was Dr. Ernst Alexanderson. Ernst Alexanderson. Alexanderson .

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On Christmas Eve,Fessenden made an experimental broadcast of Christmas music, including him playing the violin, that was heard by Navy ships and shore stations down the East Coast as far as Arlington. In addition to his radio achievements, Dr. His inventions touched on everything from television which every layman can understandto improvements in complex apparatus for the AC system which are very important yet seldom understood by the layman.

He had begun development of color TV in the s but it wasn’t until later that the masses were able to enjoy this technology. He applied for work both at Westinghouse and General Electric. By his group was able to broadcast mechanical television into the home and in General Electric gave the first large screen demonstration of television in a theatre in Schenectady.

First Long Distance Voice Transmission: Contact our editors with your feedback. Alexanderson was a teacher at the University of Uppsala.

Ernst F. W. Alexanderson

Back to the Engineering Hall of Fame. America, ernet seemed at that time to be the fountainhead of many important technological advancements, beckoned. Ernst Alexanderson made the power breakthrough that allowed Reginald Fessenden to transmit the human voice across a long distance in He also devised radio altimeters. The only surviving transmitter in a working state is at the Grimeton radio station outside VarbergSweden.


While today we think of radio and GPS as being a necessary for aircraft and ships, it did not start that way. Stone of American Bell Telephone came up with the idea of using alexandfrson high frequency alternator a rapidly spinning disk to act as a repeater to amplify signal. New York, constituent state of the United States of America, one of the 13 original colonies and states. His team then transferred to RCA where they helped develop our modern system of television.

Fessenden had been working on the problem of transmitting sound by radio wavesand had concluded that a new type of radio transmitter was needed, a continuous wave transmitter. Schenectady Historical Society The Schenectady Museum Edison Tech Center If you are a historian and wish to correct facts or publish a commentary or embedded article feel free to contact us. Alexanderson became chief engineer in General Electric, which controlled the technology refused the Marconi offer and backed the new corporation of which Dr.

In Alexanderson completed his alternator, which in the ensuing years greatly improved transoceanic communication and firmly established the wireless as an important tool in shipping and warfare.

Ernst Alexanderson

Schenectady, New YorkUnited States. He took a trip to the West Indies and owned many boats at Lake George. Alexanderson’s big break came when he was commissioned by Reginald Fessenden, a pioneering wireless operator, to build a generator that could produce alternating, high frequency currents.

Fessenden’s request for a faster, more powerful unit was assigned to Ernst F. Whitney Lewis B. Scanning disk and high-frequncy neon lamps to improve television transmission. From to Dr. This great event took place miles out to sea, between the Trans-Atlantic Marconi Etnst station at New Brunswick and the steamship George Washingtonwith President Woodrow Wilson on board as a witness.

It assured reliable trans-Atlantic radio communication.

Using a foot Alexanderson alternator, Marconi broadcast radio transmissions during World War I that were heard all over Europe.


Inafter passing General Electric’s engineering exams, he became a member of that company’s engineering staff. Jewett Charles F.

Ernst Alexanderson – Wikipedia

Permission and fees are required for use of photos in printed or internet publications. Alexanderson became a proponent of pursuing radio research on a mass scale at General Electric after These account for many of his patents obtained over a period of thirty-five years on an average of roughly a new patent every seven weeks. Alexanderson then figured out a solution alexanxerson the problem, and alexadnerson not to tell GE, wanting instead to sell it to another company and make more money.

Steinmetz used numbers and algebra to analyze electric circuits, whereas previously engineers used graphical representations of circuits.

He received more than United States patents, with the final one issued when he was His word carried significant weight in the company. alexandersoon

Fessenden needed a continuous wave transmitter, a pure sine wave on a single frequency to make voice, he turned to General Electric as he knew they had some of the world’s best engineers in the field at that time. Complete roster — — — — —present. Retrieved from ” https: There were attempts by the German and US Navies to regulate wireless and limit its civilian and commercial development, Alexanserson was alexandersn politically to oppose forces as he saw his work should benefit society, not just improve war applications.

In Alexanderson was working on alexanddrson images over radio facsimile radiotelegraphyit was through this work that he saw a way to make television video transmission work.

Electrical Company in New Jersey.