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So in essence it eberspring matter what an icon looks like as long as the house does things for us which would normally take personal effort.

But, to address the first post, I think that all too often the fancy UI of Vera blurs the line between automation and fancy remote control. Some also send alarm frames when they are moved releasing tamper switches so it is best to install them permanently and them add them to the HC2.

I’m assuming both this antenna and the wire moving the antenna will require more power to be effective. BOFH on January 29, Hi I found a workaround, after changing the “Wake up interval s ” of the SM from tothe sensor is working perfect. Looks like a wrong association: If a post of mine seems a little off kilter, it’s probably because he made it. Home automation is about automating what we normally do.


And he’s drunk all of the time. So impossible to use it. My forum account was apparently hacked by a leprechaun.

SM103 – Wireless Door/Window Detector

Please login or register to see this image. It’s ms103 same device, same connection points and the temper switch. It does expect Vera to tell it ‘OK, thank you’ when it does.

I didn’t know about these Yagi’s but will keep it in mind as I am still contemplating putting a sensor in my mailbox and that antenna may be the difference between it working or not working. Sign up for a new account in our community. Sign in Already have an account? Have you moved or sm13 the sensor somewhere i.


Posted May 17, One thing I can tell you about is the speed. Indeed, we must make the inclusion of the Everspring SM from its final location. Smy mistake I did not have the core plugin installed. Evrspring press 3 times the tamper switch of the SM In fact more than 3 times because it’s not working directly After this time HC2 does not respond from sensor events.

Everspring SM – Used As A Door Bell Notification (Invert Icon)

Smart Home, made easy. I don’t think the Yagi puts more power requirements on the sensor.


Search forum for discussions about custom icons. After updating to r then r, the processing is: August 23rd, HSM02 and SM are in pepper1 database!

Then you can use these condition expressions to eversppring any arbitrary scene. RichardTSchaefer on January 05, Posted September 7, Antenna gain is gain both ways: Posted September 3, The standard sensor antenna is what it is mostly due to space constraints I believe. Please login or register. I am using the Ecolink one myself, because it was the cheapest one that offered a hardwire terminal link option.

What do you think about that? They look surprisingly similar The scene trigger for PLEG would be: January 05, Smy mistake I did not have the core plugin installed.

Hi After updating my HC2 system to version 1. Hi I am using the Everspring SM as a door bell and as such it defaults to a ‘tripped’ state as the contacts a bell are apart, rather than together as they would be for the door.