Slide after slide, Kishore Biyani runs through a presentation on Ashoka . his book, The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swamy. Kishore Biyani is an Indian businessman was born on 9 August in Mumbai. He is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Future. It Happened in India. 9 January | Unabridged. by Biyani Kishore and Shantiraj Naye Daur Ki Ore. May by Kishore Biyani.

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His wife, Sangeeta Biyani has been extremely supportive of his ventures.

Kishore Biyani- Success Behind Future Group

Few of the lines to quote -” Never be afraid of making a mistake and even if made one, get out of it fast and never put bad money after good money” sums it up. He confided that even till today he visits some of his stores and observes the consumers biani understand their needs and their thoughts.

Flow of the book is fairly good; thanks to its co-author Dipayan Baishya, who is a business writer. Return to Book Page.

Also, he himself exclaims that his first venture aautobiography not as successful as successful as he had expected it to be. Taking inspi It is basic human nature that when someone home grown is on to something, his own people are the last to recognize him.

He is known as Kishoreji or KB among his employees, friends and family.


Kishore Biyani- Success Behind Future Group

Apart from minor typos, this book reads real easy. This outlet, which was more than twice the size of any other store in the city, opened in August To view it, click here. The book of my love Sachin knows: Future group had confidence in the consumption power of Indian consumer and thus focused on the common people.

That way every business People rating this book 3 stars or below don’t seem to have understood the essence of it. Thus, it would’ve been interesting to know his thoughts on how he felt while parting ways with a company that has played a phenomenal role in his success. Feb 10, Maniissh Aroraa rated it really liked it.

Book Review: It Happened In India

Entrepreneurship is about thinking big, believing in your own ability and going ahead with huge risks even if you are aware that some of the ventures may not be bijani.

Doing something that opposes the established system of beliefs is not an easy task. Oct 19, Kanti Brahma rated it liked it. I like mythology because we go to the source. I see where u got inspired about the office conversations ; On the face of it, this books screams of sloppy editing kishoe There are grammatical errors – There is no flow in this book, at some point it seems like the random ramblings of an old man – This book meanders into random topics – The book switches from the first person to third person speech constantly But when I think about it, it was probably designed this way.


Drag according to your convenience. biyank

Book Review — Giving: A must-read for any entrepreneur who wants to make it big – which is autobiotraphy about anybody these days. Pantaloons is no longer a part of the Future Group. Retrieved from ” https: Sep 19, Pallavi Kamat rated it liked it.

Kishore Biyani, Bhavish Aggarwal to brainstorm on funding challenges, boardroom battles.

There are different perspective to look at the book. It talks about not changing consumer behaviour but adapting your business model physical stores to it. Later in the book he talks about Design thinking to keep ahead of the competition and how Design thinking will play an important role in it. At a certain point during the end somewhere the book looks like a PR initiative for the National Institute of Design and a certain design firm called Idiom Design. He was, however, facing a threat from the much larger resources of conglomerates such as Aditya Birla Group and Reliance Industriesboth of whom had signalled an intention to move into the retail sector.

Aug 07, Vinesh rated it it was ok.