Seit dem 9. Dezember gibt es die neue KVV-Tageskarte “Regio Spezial”. Dieses neue Ticket wurde in Abstimmung zwischen dem Land, dem Verkehrsverbund. Fahrplanauskünfte für AVG-Linien nur in KVV-Auskünften korrekt über die Auskunftsmedien des Karlsruher Verkehrsverbunds (KVV) digital erfragen. Auf der Linie S4 kommt es zu Fahrtausfällen. Detail. Von Fahrplaninformationen in den DB-Auskunftsmedien zu Silvester und Neujahr. Detail.

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Is it, “Now need for you to come to work today, we won’t need your help anyway”?? Send a private message to artstuff. Avoid the busy times between 7: So I hope they have settled the strike by Sunday, 14 October.

Eppingen is on S4. This can affect international rail service as well. Send a private message to analogue. Basically, there is no strike on most routes, just DB won’t let many trains operate as scheduled Find More Posts by altamiro. Your weekly travel wrap-up. The strike has ended by now.

Next strikes are scheduled for Monday, vkv who knows. In fact, we are supposed to meet a woman and her daughter at the Eppingen train station at Log in with user name: For more information about your privacy and protection, please review our full Privacy Policy. National Parks All-Inclusive Beach.


There are only strikes on local trains. A strike usually lasts for 3 hours a day in the morning, but delays will occur during the whole day. Find More Posts by quokka. Find More Posts by artstuff.

Is not as bad as it sounds. Send a private message to logos Please keep us posted Send a private message to quokka.

German rail strike in progress

Don’t panic – enjoy your trip! Send a private message to traveller So keep yourself informed and be prepared for delays of one or two hours nasty enough. If you are already in karlsruhe or Heilbronn when the DB strike starts you are fine.

Well, I looked over our itinerary, and I don’t think we’ll have a problem since we have built fluctuations into our schedules. DB are crazy, they don’t care if the strike has ended or not, they simply don’t let the trains run on schedule.

KVV – Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund – Bahn und Bus – Timetables

Three hours of transportation paralysis today, but the strike is open-ended. Log in with Twitter. However in anticipation of “a” strike, DB also has stopped quite a few regional and long distance trains, which aren’t affected by strikes at all right now. And they are announced some days in advance.


Oct 5th, Find More Posts by analogue. How sick fagrplan that!!! Find More Posts by traveller German rail strike in progress. Can’t figure out a way to fit in the British postal strike yet. Send a private message to kerouac.

I guess they’ll just have to hang out and wait for us to arrive. The strikes are not daily but maybe for a half day within a period of two weeks. At this moment only stikes on local trains have been allowed by the court.

Your daily dose of travel inspiration. The time now is