Verano de Durante una rutilante fiesta de la alta sociedad en Riverton Manor, un joven y prometedor poeta se quita la vida. Invierno de Grace. Buy La casa de Riverton by KATE MORTON (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Magnífico retrato de los últimos esplendores de la aristocracia inglesa, un mundo de convenciones y secretos atravesado por vehementes pasiones y terribles.

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Grace couldn’t tell Hannah that she didn’t know shorthand and got someone else to tell her what the first note said?

Trivia About The House at Rive This is such a tiny dasa thing, though. In the meantime let me offer the following: It seemed rather pointless to remain joined to a spouse one didn’t care for. Through flashbacks and other POVs, we learn about Grace’s time as a maid and ladies maid in the Hartford family household.

The House at Riverton

It sold 63, copies in its first week of release in the United Kingdom. View all 5 comments. Grace is contacted by the director, Ursula, as the only surviving person from that night.

EUR 6,04 usado y nuevo 9 ofertas. It is everywhere; in my ears, behind my eyes, pushing my ribs…” Grace is 98 years old and living in a nursing facility when a visit from a young film producer compels her to relive her past; a past that is full of secrets that she has kept to herself for the last seventy years.


Her I probably would have enjoyed Kate Morton’s debut novel The House at Riverton more if I had not already experienced the greater expression of her writing talent in The Forgotten Garden. Mar 08, Noeleen rated it it was amazing. EUR ,97 usado y nuevo 2 ofertas. He wants them to run away and begin new lives together.

La casa de Riverton / The House at Riverton: A Novel

It made me feel things – which does mean a lot, since I’m normally not too overly excited about the romance aspects in a book. Another concern I had was how certain storylines were left too open-ended for my taste. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. mofton

We know there was a blood relationship between two characters, cas was it ever acknowledged? This book is a must read for lovers of historical novels and enthralling, well-written, atmospheric mysteries, The House at Riverton is a literary feast for those who love writers like Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwan or Daphne DuMaurier and books reminiscent of The Forsythe Saga, Upstairs,Downstairs and Water for Elephants. Views Read Edit View history. Emmeline, who has grown into a beautiful woman and one of the Bright Young Peopleprefers London dde and often stays with Hannah.

Is the set of the Riverton drawing room accurate? Grace is so dumb. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo.

I can’t explain exactly what I mean by that; I was just touched by it in some way. Grace suspects Hannah knows this, but even after Grace deduces her parentage, she does not say anything to Hannah.


The House at Riverton – Wikipedia

For that was its nature. Wonderful characters, setting, plot, I can’t say enough. The Remains of the Day has so much character development. The Distant Hours 1 enero Read The Blind Assassin instead, though.

There are many mysteries surrounding Grace and the 2 aristocratic sisters, Hannah and Emmeline whom she was enamored with I just loved the characters, Hannah was very mysterious and Emmeline was very wild! To view it, click here. Refresh and try again. She immediately feels a connection with them, Hannah in particular. Odd snatches of memory, more like dreams.

I can think of no other author who evokes such lyrical enthusiasm and despair in a scene on multiple levels that overwhelm you and excite you at the same time. The House At Riverton has great characters and is basically just a great story which is extremely well told. Those weren’t done unnecessarily dramatic or over the top, either. It has no outline.

She accurately depicts the Edwardian Era and her vivid description of Riverton made me feel that I casq actually there with Grace and the Hartfords. That’s way too much time to build up to a final scene of drama. I stand by my story.