Get this from a library! La cuestión étnica: algunos problemas teórico- metodológicos. [Rodolfo Stavenhagen]. La Cuestión Étnica. Derechos humanos de los pueblos indígenas. Conflictos étnicos y estado nacional. Entre la ley y la costumbre: el derecho. Rodolfo Stavenhagen, sociólogo, investigador y profesor emérito del La cuestión étnica, Derechos humanos de los pueblos indígenas.

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Ethnic Identification and its Consequences for Measuring Inequality in Mexico

Ethnic Groups and Boundaries. The World Bank; Finally, the results of the regression models in Table 5 suggest that the presence of indigenous schools in a municipality does not significantly improve the educational outcomes of children. A similar argument has also been made with regards to minority language use Stevens Speaking an indigenous language may in practice cyestion a requirement for participating in group rituals, as well as for holding positions of responsibility within the community known as cargosand providing volunteer work for collective projects known as tequios.

The results of the statistical analysis staveenhagen a much larger loss of indigenous identification when language proficiency is used as a criterion for indigenous classification than when proxy self-identification is used.

Where the respondent chooses to draw the line for him or herself as well as for any children for whom he or she is answering the questionnaire, is extremely subjective and amenable to purposeful interpretation. Only one child from rovolfo mother is chosen at random to avoid overweighing population groups stavenhageh higher fertility rates.

Francis and Tannuri-Pianto find evidence of a shift in the racial identification of students applying to a major Brazilian university following the implementation of a quota system whereby 20 percent of admission slots were reserved for applicants who self-identify as black negro. Elementary Strategies of Ethnic Boundary Making.

Ethnic Identification and its Consequences for Measuring Inequality in Mexico

As noted earlier, only children of mothers and fathers who speak an indigenous language are included in the sample used to test the models in each panel respectively. English Choose a language for shopping. Using language proficiency as a criterion for cuetion classification not only results in a lower estimate of the overall size of the indigenous population, but ridolfo demonstrated in the second part of the statistical analysis, it also leads to a higher estimate of the socioeconomic disadvantage faced by indigenous children.


Similarly, migrant parents who have left the indigenous communities in which they grew up and who are therefore probably less attached to their indigenous identity, are also significantly less likely to transmit their knowledge of their indigenous language to their children.

Learn more at Author Rodoflo. Race and Class in Latin America.

I specifically compare how parental education affects how children are identified under the two systems of classification—language proficiency and proxy self-identification. First, with regards to language proficiency, the questionnaire asks whether each household resident speaks an indigenous language and if so, which one.

On the other hand, individuals may be less likely to shed their identification with a close-knit ethnic group with which they share a strong sense of belonging, the same language and customs even when they have attained a higher socioeconomic status. La Pluralidad en Peligro.

Both parents need not be residing in the same household as the child. Social Protection Discussion Paper No. Evidence from other Indo-Latin American countries suggests that Mexico may not be unique in the resurgence of indigenous identification.

Rodolfo Stavenhagen

Having a mother who speaks an indigenous language is more strongly associated with higher odds that a child will etnicaa speak the language than having a father who speaks an indigenous language the difference is statistically significant.

Previous studies have shown a similar loss of minority language proficiency among children of more educated immigrant parents in the U.


The proportion of municipal residents 5 years of age or older who speak an indigenous language, and the proportion identified as indigenous according to the census are used to control for the relative size of the indigenous population in the regression models for language proficiency and proxy self-identification respectively.

Blackness and Race Cuesion The sample is representative at the national level as well as for all 2, municipalities nationwide. Critics of government-sponsored education programs and other economic assistance programs geared towards indigenous groups, charged that they were motivated by a homogenizing agenda that suppressed alternative cultural identities Warman et al.

Western Bruce, Pettit Becky. In the analysis below I will test this stigmatization hypothesis against competing explanations. Loveman Mara, Muniz Jeronimo O. etnics

La Jornada: Falleció Rodolfo Stavenhagen, constructor de instituciones

Children of indigenous parents growing up in predominantly indigenous communities are expected to have higher odds of learning an indigenous language and identifying as indigenous since they will be more frequently in contact with other members of the same indigenous group. Descriptive statistics for all variables are provided in Table 1.

By contrast, in the regression models where proxy rofolfo is used as a criterion for classification, the magnitude of the negative coefficient for indigenous children is actually significantly smaller than that for indigenous mothers suggesting that the opposite selection process operates: The odds that a child will be identified as indigenous actually increase with every additional year of education of the mother and of the father once all other relevant factors are controlled Model 3 in both panels.