29 oct. Et puis il raconte que, quand il a découvert “Le Transperceneige” dans une car on venait d’apprendre qu’il avait acquis les droits de la BD. Publication Dates: fevrier – ; Number of Issues Published: 3 (#1 – Le Transperceneige – #3); Color: noir / blanc; Dimensions: Format normal; Binding. Comic Bits Online: Casterman BD: Le Transperceneige – L’Intégrale(Collection).

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Some angles didn’t seem right and in some crowded scenes I had no idea who’s who.

They maintain the myth that the Snowpiercer is out of control and still circling the world, to control the populace with fear. Belleau dies of the cold while Proloff is rescued by Alec Forrester, the engineer behind the Snowpiercer, who appoints him caretaker transperceneeige ‘Olga’, the engine. The artwork is great and conveys perfectly the thought-provoking story.

“Snowpiercer” : les auteurs de la BD sous le charme du film ! [INTERVIEW] – Actus Ciné – AlloCiné

The ending is bleak and unfinished, and there is very little direction or message to the story. Dividido em 3 partes, onde a primeira narra o destino dos habitantes do perfura-neve desenhado e escrito por Lob e Rochettee os outros dois sobre o desbrava-gelo desenhado e escrito por Legrand e Rochetteformam na verdade duas partes distintas.


I loved the movie Br one point I had a feeling that she wouldn’t be able to tie up her shoelaces on her own. A good cultural read but not a memorable one. It was dark but I’m curious to see what will happen next. transpercenekge

Or transpercenneige shock value. Lo stile del aveva un che di bonelliano mi scusino i bonellianicon l’aggiunta di qualche sfumatura di grigio. I haven’t seen Snowpiercer yet, so I figured it would be a good thing to read the graphic novel before. I recommend for fans of the movie, with the caveat that it’s not as good.

GCD :: Series :: Le Transperceneige

Belleau dies of the cold while Proloff is rescued by Alec Forrester, the engineer behind the Snowpiercer, who appoints him caretaker of ‘Olga’, the engine. I liked the art better and also the characters. Open Preview See a Problem? After warning Belleau’s friends, Belleau and Proloff flee to the front of the train, pursued by the military. Reading a graphic novel in French was a really cool experience. This all may seem very harsh, but actually I enjoyed reading this.

This post-apocalyptic premise is strikingly evoked by the monochrome art, which gets darker as the book progresses. Before reaching the engine of the Snowpiercer, Proloff breaks all the windows in the final car. Nei due episodi successivi vengono inseriti degli elementi che mi hanno mandato in confusione.


Le Transperceneige

Jan 30, Zaz rated it liked it Shelves: Sadly, the next 2 volumes transpercceneige done by a different artist and the tone just completely changed. However, once you get beyond the “perpetual train of humanity running through the arctic apocalypse” premise, there are no similarities whatsoever.

The Escape and Snowpiercer: The Esc The Playlist”.

Plus, it gave me an excuse to read aloud in French, which is great fun. They were confusing and jumbled, and after awhile I gave up really understanding the details and just tried to follow the general arc.

The Exp The Playlist”. Refresh transperceneigee try again. May 20, Jerome Carujo rated it it was ok. Having a French dictionary around could be helpful, but personally I prefer to get caught up in the story and miss the odd word to constantly stopping and checking things.

Le Transperceneige : Intégrale

I had such expectations, I did, because graphic novels ARE so visual. Need to finish 3 and 4. After losing contact with the Snowpiercer, those aboard a second train fear a collision, and send several explorers on a braking exercise, where they stop the train.