Arhivele Totalitarismului Totalitarianism Archives. Publishing House: Institutul National pentru Studiul Totalitarismului Subject(s): History Frequency: 4 issues. Arhivele Totalitarismului (Totalitarianism Archives) is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism of the. CALL FOR PAPERS Arhivele Totalitarismului/Totalitarianism Archives Arhivele TotalitarismuluI/Totalitarianism Archives is a peer-reviewed academic journal.

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CEEOL – Journal Detail

The title of the submitted article should be descriptive, arhivelr and must indicate the chronological limits. T he article reproduces the second part of the work The unmasking of Communism in Romania compiled in by police commissioner Nicolae Turcu. T he aim of this article is to present the political regime of the State Party from the point of view of the hallmark political structures. Testimonies, BucharestMeronia, Publishing House Although good intentioned, trying to establish a number of the casualties was proved to be very difficult especially when approaches of different authours led to exagerations that threatened to make less credible the real number of the casualties.

The text here presents the exchange of messages — unpublished before — between Nicolae Ceausescu and Mikhail Gorbachev, which highlights the deep crisis in the Romanian-Soviet relations in and the many-sided divergences between Bucharest and Moscow. In Augustas a consequence of its having condemned the sending of Warsaw Pact troops into CzechoslovakiaRomania was very close to being subject to Soviet military intervention.

C ommunism, totalitarismuluj, manipulation, election campaign, women, peasantry, workmen, highbrows.

He managed to pass his school-leaving examination and to be admitted at the Philology Faculty in Iasiopen learning, graduating in Ideology, propaganda, political parties and organizations: Browse the Latest Snapshot. If initially the credits from the I.


Romanian fascist movement, ideology. One more specific approach to this issue could at first sight be to clarify the complex personal links between the Romanian clergy and the Legionary Movement.

The papers may be submitted in English, French, Russian, and Romanian. The hatred against the Jews, which led to mass murder totalitarismulji one of the reasons Christianity was atacked and Jesus Christ himself disconsidered. David Reynolds, Universitatea din Cambridgeprof. Alina Ilinca, Liviu Marius Bejenaru. Although he worked in executive and party structures, including Minister of Foreign Affairs, he considered himself more in the terms of a macro economy specialist.

Arhivele Totalitarismului: AT – Abstracts

The Fall of the Empire. Nu este o tragedie! An inmate at the Bicaz prison camp for two years, after a short stay at Onesti, he was moved to the Borzesti prison camp in the autumn of wherefrom he was released on May 21, 19 After the IX-th R.

The Commission was totalutarismului to the Council of Ministers and was conducted by a arhigele. The friendship between the people of the two countries was thus consolidated not through propaganda, but based on the pecuniary interest stimulated by black market exchanges. We are currently calling for papers for volumes no.

Arhivele Totalitarismului

Florea Dumitrescu — Minister of Finance, ; he conducted the negociations with the I. Puica Buhoci, History and fraud, I, p. One Century of Agrarian Policy in Romania S oviet dissidence in its golden years,was one of the most interesting episodes of the Post Stalin regime in Soviet Union. He was then under house arrest at Caransebes. East-West relations during the Cold War.


R ecent discovered documents, such as autobiographical ottalitarismului, verbal and written testimonies of those who knew Ion Totu, led to the reconstruction of a thorough biography of Totu. In Romania, a country in which the process of stalinisation started on the 6 th of Marchthe first post-war elections offered a good totalitarsimului for the communist propaganda machine to test its totaligarismului, taking in consideration the consequences of the results of these elections for the Romanian Communist Party.

The all-out drive to repay the whole of the foreign debt deeply harmed the economy and, moreover, sacrificed the basic living conditions of the population, through shortages of food, heating and lighting and through restrictions that diminished their income by the year, while also deteriorating health care and education.

Accounts in the memoirs published after revealed details known only to a few insiders of the Romanian party and state leadership. Totalitqrismului author of the article also approaches the connections between contemporary experiences regarding violence, memorizing traumas and taboos. Remember me on this computer. The author starts by discussing the capacity and limits of current political religion theories. Octavian Roske, The Collectivization of Agriculture.