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With large geographical and astronomical diagrams in the text.

Sergio Mattoscio Download PDF

Title within woodcut border, printed in Roman letters. ParisMichel de Vascosan, I His Latin version vdias appeared. Le Miroir du Monde, ou exposition des parties de la Terre. Title, in red and black, with the Arms of Spain nearly filling the page, on reverse a list of the historians of the Indies; large woodcut of a Bison on folio II, Vol.

With fine large double-page map of the world, showing the New World and numerous other maps. Rerum toto orbe memorabilium thesaurus. The river Baguenay is here indicated, a remarkable feature in so early a map. Title printed in red and black within fine interlaced woodcut border, and woodcut initials.

ᐅᐅ Dating alys perez chapter 33

The narrative of Nufez was entirely written after his return, for he could take no notes by the way. Ca fon Doignamente en wforros ncipeo glo: This tract gives the eighth of the proposed remedies, and assigns twenty reasons astroloogia prove that the Indians should not vidws given to the Vidxs in any form of slavery. Title printed in red and black containing fine large woodcut showing two angels supporting the Arms of Qstrologia, with inscription.

With various mathematical diagrams in the text, and 48 full-page charts of the heavens, shewing the various constellations. This volume also contains the original of the reports of Miguel de Estete on the journey made by Hernando Pizarro from Caxamalca to Pachacamac and to Xauxa published by the Hakluyt Society in It is a thrilling story of adventure, and describes the Author’s wanderings with the survivors of Narvaez’ expedition, which set out in for the conquest of Florida, or all the region afterwards known as Florida and Louisiana.


On page 1 there is an interesting small world map surrounded by winds, in which North and South America are shewn. Lyon, Guillaume Rouville, I I 50 Harrisse p.

His accounts of astdologia intimation passadas the Indians of Zenu, to surrender to the King of Spain, is one of the most singular relations that ever escaped the scrutiny of the Spanish Inquisition. Humboldt seemed to think that it formed a separate work, sometimes bound up with the Cosmographia, yet suae words ” cum tabellis Geographicis ” imply that the maps are part of the original work.

Of the other maps, two relate to America, namely, “Sepfentrionales Regiones,” or a map of Scandinavia and part of Greenland; also ” Novae Insulae,” this is an important map and shews the whole of the American Continent.

Some, however, think it the work of Alessandro Zorzi of Venice, who probably did add some notes to a later edition. Cum Gratia, 8 Priuilegio. With 50 large woodcut maps on 98 leaves.

Libro dela Cosmographia, el qual trata la descripcion del Mundo, y sus partes, por muy claro y lindo artificio, augmentado por el doctissimo varon Gemma Frisio, doctor en Medecina, y Mathematico excellentissimo: Tresladadas de Portugues en Castellan. Twelve years later the work was published with a dedication to Philip, the heir to the throne.

The Library was destroyed, however, and only some of Chaves’ geographical works could be rescued. These four leaves which are appended to the Brevissima Relacion are usually mentioned as a separate tract, though it is really a part of that work.

Von der wunderbarlichen Artzney des Holtz Guiacum genant und wie man die Frantzosen oder Blatteren heilen sol. Un tratado sobre la materia de los Indios que sua han hecho en ellas esclavos. Rome, Stephan Plannck, about I Sphaera mundi [with other tracts.

Dicionario portugues | Alan Barros –

Zirate had part in the conflicts occasioned by the arrival of Nufes Vela and the rebellion of Gonzalo Pizarro. In the first book, Postel exposes the dogmas of the Christian religion; in the second, after an investigation into the life of Mahomet, he examines the Koran and refutes it; in the third he develops the notions of natural law and the principles paszadas right accepted by all religions; finally in jeannne fourth book he indicates the means to be employed to lead the pagans, Turks, and Jews to the Christian religion.


A fine copy, with only two slight defects, viz. The first work was considered by Sir C. Unable, by any means in his power, to check this cruelty, in he returned to Spain to make a personal appeal to his sovereign.

Bound in I vol. A curious and rare little book, containing chapters on the signs of the zodiac and its influence on human life; astronomical tables and calculations for hours, days, phases of the passada, sunrise and sunset, and all the known methods of arranging jeannne calendar: With the series of I3 woodcut maps, the folding map of the World shewing America.

His account of the natives, their country, and their language jeannee very ample, and the woodcuts which illustrate the volume, which are after the school of Jean Cousin, Jean Goujon, and Germain Pilon, are admirable.

On page 34 is a small world-map, including America, and on page occurs vicas following remarkable statement: It contains, first, a summary, by Domingo de Soto, of the differences between the two disputants; second, the arguments of Sepulveda; and third, the twelve replies of Las Casas to the same. The cosmographical woodcuts include two globes depicting America. And as water is a homogeneous body, its parts, such drops or the dew on the grass, naturally assume a spherical form.

He became personally acquainted with these illustrious persons on their return home, and frequently, as we find from his own letters, entertained them at his own table. The Bishop, during his absence in Jeqnne attending a council, had written twelve rules to the confessors whom he had appointed in his diocese to govern them in giving absolution.

I I50 Hain without seeing it.