The term “lightness” with regards to philosophy and literature was not always a postmodern concept as Italo Calvino defines it. Lightness on. In , Italo Calvino was invited to give the following year’s Charles (This is the subject of the first lecture, “Lightness”; the other titles are. Calvino describes “lightness” as a “lightening of language whereby meaning is conveyed through a verbal texture that seems weightless, until.

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Camille Stein books view quotes. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The iron machines still exist, but they obey the orders of weightless bits.

This entry was posted on Thursday, September 29th, at 3: This is very much a book that sets you off thinking, which I suspect is the point. Even while laying down the rigorous mechanical laws that determine every event, livhtness feels the need to allow atoms to make unpredictable deviations from the straight line, thereby ensuring freedom both to atoms and to human beings.

Lightness: Italo Calvino’s hope for the future of literature – BORNE CENTRAL

Aug 13, With one blow of his hoof on Mount Helicon, Pegasus makes a spring gush forth, where the Muses drink. Penelope books view quotes. For Lucretius, letters were atoms in continual motion, creating the most diverse words and sounds by means of their permutations. Today every branch of science seems intent on demonstrating that the world is supported by the most minute entities, such as the messages of Cavino, the impulses of neurons, and quarks, and neutrinos wandering through space since the beginning of time.

Both stories dress metaphors in robes of sensory details. Nov 12, To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Ebony books view quotes. Morris 2, books view quotes. Elise books view quotes. Lightness in language, specifically the use of language that evokes the feeling of weightlessness, offers a transformation of interpretation.


I would like you to bear this image in mind as I proceed to talk about Cavalcanti as the poet of lightness. These two tendencies toward literature proposed by Calvino, lightness and weight, represent the two poles of human nature: In the first calivno the five memos, Calvino says about his writing: Lena 1, books view quotes. Niki books view quotes.

Jan 28, Jun 20, In Shakespeare I look immediately for the point at which Mercutio arrives on the scene I. This is a very short story written in in the first person, and its point of departure is plainly a real situation in that winter of warfare, the worst for the Austrian Empire: In some poems this messenger-cum-message is the poetic text itself. Michelle 1, books view quotes.

Veronica books view quotes. At certain moments I felt that the entire world was turning into stone: At the very beginnings of Italian, and indeed European, literature, the first tendency was calvin by Cavalcanti, the second by Dante. I have relied on Cavalcanti for examples of lightness in at least three different senses. Madeline 3, books view quotes.

Lightness (philosophy) – Wikipedia

By this route Cyrano goes so far as to proclaim the brotherhood of men and cabbages, and thus imagines the protest of a cabbage about to be beheaded: First there is a lightening of language whereby meaning is conveyed through a verbal texture that seems weightless, until the meaning itself takes on the same rarefied consistency.

Alexa 1, books view quotes. Anouchka books view quotes. Em 54 books view quotes.

Voyage dans la lune,Garnier-Flammarion edition, pp. Aug 12, Changing perspective on the matters that weigh a person down is to alleviate the discomfort of that weight. He saw Lightness as an important aspect of post-modern society and existence czlvino should be celebrated; he, like Heraclitus, never viewed Lightness as negative, indeed he never ascribed any evaluative content to it.


Sep 05, In Cavalcanti everything moves so swiftly that we are unaware of its consistency, only ligjtness its effects. Calvino even makes an analogy to modern science as giving the world a lighter sensibility. The poetry of the invisible, of infinite unexpected possibilities—even the poetry of nothingness—issues from a poet who had no doubts whatever about the physical reality of the world.

Charlotte 1, books view quotes. The second industrial revolution, unlike the first, does not present us with such crushing images as rolling mills and molten steel, but with ‘bits’ in a flow of information traveling along circuits in the form of electronic impulses. A few scientists disagree; others say that Verlinde is stating what we already know after the works of Ted Jacobson of the University of Maryland.

Perseus wins another battle: I mean that I have to change my approach, look at the world from a different perspective, with a different logic calvono with calvono methods of cognition and verification. Claudia 16 books view quotes.

Lightness: Italo Calvino’s hope for the future of literature

Dec 01, It may be losing its density, but it still exists. The idea of this post came to me from the image of a floating city, a poster by French artist Stephan Muntaner not the artwork displayed hereto be inserted in the forthcoming Bible of Steampunk brought to you by the master of this blog.

Aug 17,