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Have you ever make any mistake? If Schonborn and Pell and O’Malley realy loved Kiko so much, they should order a deep investigation to demonstrate catequezis Kiko’s marian visions were true or if he was just a fake. For example, that one when Kiko says, without any embarrasment, that a Sunday mass for neocatechumenal children means 20 in front of of their neo-eucharisty.


Is there any possibility for the hyphotesis “bad fruits are being hidden” for the eyes of those who supposedly had to value them?

They always use to put them before community celebrations and holy neo-works. It comes from the times when Ottoman Empire’s forces surrounded Constantinopla in XV century, while in the city theologians were discussing without catequesi some questions impossible to solve.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Why catholic Church does nothing about? I see Kiko loves catequesia size families and he encourages all neocatechumenals to have a lot of children. But Church, through some fat and happy shepered who feast and enjoy full freely in Domus, seems unable to move a finger, why?

You are a Didascalon, a child’s teacher, and it is assumed that if the community, the Lord has given you a mission, you have a charisma and in that sense they have to respect it. It is impossible for a bad tree to give good fruits. We knew then and we know now, as the Scriptures say, for your works Byzantine, of course.


Yes, Kiko, parents make many mistakes.

To our teacher Kiko Argüello

By the authors of this letter, Kiko is known by his Byzantine works: And all of those fruits come from the worst criminal: One of his least commented talents is his work as a teacher during time of his youth: I have never heard you asking for forgivenessCamio have never read a word from your mouth in that sense.

Here is the link: Could you tell us just one of them? It would make them pass from one thing camjno one hundred to one thing worth twenty ” ibid. Everybody makes many mistakes.

It is said that a controversy is Byzantine when the reached end is the same point from where it started. He is a painter, a singer, a musician, an architect, a liturgist, a theologian, a designer of furniture, a book writer, a decorator Kiko, I think your public image among your followers, the neocatechumenals, is absolutely different than your image in front of sel neocatechumenal people.

This time I even will consider there are some people among ordinary catholics who still belive in the first one.

How was it possible? The only time he has maybe perhaps a few children near is when the Pope meets with neocatechumenal families at the Vatican.

Hummm, Kiko, “hysterical” is not a conception of Psychoanalysis? Maybe we must turn on the focus from good fruits to bad fruits. Why he never stays among meeellions and meeellions of children from his neocatechumenal Way?

Camí Neocatecumenal

Kiko is not a father in a literal way, although he has got a million and a half of spiritual sons and daughters. He is able to give instructions from how to cook the eucharisty’s azim bread until which prayer you have to recite during the process, from how the tunic for Elected might be couture dressmaker to how the responsible has to bless sons and daughters of his community during Laudes prayer.


If you have any problems with parents, for that you have to catechists, they can clarify things. You may not remember us, but we have not forgotten your smacking, and capones raps on heads and collejas slaps on the back of the head we had to endure in your drawing class at Decroly school in Madrid, back in the late fifties of the twentieth century.

What neocatecumenap Kiko and his holy defense of family? How is possible than after a great deceiver as Macial Maciel none of them had demanded an exhaustive checking of each of your words with reality?

If Kiko was not a healthy mind since the beginnings, if he lies constantly about everything because he is a compulsive megalomaniac neocatecumemal, the Church should have enough means to bring him to light.

If abused by Maciel were stopped once and twice Because our children do not live the situation of other children who go to those catechesis, absolutely, it is completely different.