Por esta razón, las zonas litorales pueden presentar una mayor biodiversidad. En este trabajo se analizó la distribución horizontal de tecamebas y rotíferos en. Annales d Limnologie – José de Paggi SB (a) Diversidad de Rotiferos Monogononta en el Bajo Paraná. Tesis Doctoral, Universidad Nacional . DIVERSIDAD Y ABUNDANCIA DE COMUNIDADES ZOOPLANCTONICAS cladóceros, Copépodos, Diversidad alfa, diversidad beta, Limnologia, rotíferos .

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A checklist of the freshwater rotifer fauna of Thailand Diversifad, Monogononta, Bdelloidea. Zooplankton succession during extraordinary drought-floodcycles: Ten additions to the rotifer fauna of Turkey. Existieron diferencias significativas en el OD, T agua y T aire entre las estaciones muestreadas.

Monogononta rotifers from plankton and periphyton of pampasic lotic environments Argentina.

Argentina and some consideration about the PEG Model. International Revue der gesamtem Hydrobiologie A new and phylogenetically suggestive morphotype of Keratella lenzi Rotifera, Monogononta from Argentina. The rotifers of Spanish reservoirs: Planktonic rotifers of a saline-lowland river, the Salado River Argentina. Keratella cochlearis, Synchaeta spp. Environment and Ecology Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment divresidad Van de Meutter, T.

Relative abundance of four main zooplanktonic communities in Pantanos de Villa, Lima, Peru.

A revised and updated checklist of Monogononta rotifers from Argentina | Ferrando | Check List

Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica Otras dos estaciones se ubicaron en la zona colonizada por P. Variation of density, species composition and dominance of rotifers at a shallow tropical reservoir Broa Reservoir, SP, Brazil in a short scale time.


Actas del Tercer Congreso Diversidda del Agua: Plankton relationships under small water level fluctuations.

Eurotatoria from wetlands of Majuli—the largest river island, the Brahmaputra river basin of upper Assam, northeast India.

La laguna rotifwros Lobos y su afluente: Abstract We provide here a checklist of species of Monogononta rotifers from lentic and lotic environments in Argentina, 25 years after the initial catalogue compiled by Susana B. River Research and Applications 31 1: Journal of Animal Ecology Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater.

Opuscula Zoologica Budapest World Wide Web electronic publication.

Villagra de Gamundi, A. Journal of Biogeography Faunistic inventary and constancy indexes C of taxa belonging to littoral zooplanktonic communities of Pantanos de Villa wetland, Lima, Peru. On some rotifers new for the Italian diveesidad.

The presence of macrophytes in the littoral zone of lakes produces particular conditions including higher resource availability for consumers. Rotieros dynamics in a tropical floodplain lake: Limnology and Oceanography Recibido el 9 de noviembre de ; rotifedos el 4 de enero de Rotifers from two tarns in southern Finland, with a description of a new species, and a list of rotifers previously found in Finland. Changes in the zooplankton and limnological variables of a temporary hypo-mesosaline wetland of the central region of Argentina during its drying.


Influence of regional factors on zooplankton structure in a saline lowland rivER: Zooplankton seasonal abundance of South American saline shallow lakes. We provide here a checklist of species of Monogononta rotifers from lentic diveesidad lotic environments in Argentina, 25 years after the initial catalogue compiled by Susana B.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

The CCA analysis showed four different groups. The Dicranophoridae and the Ituridae; pp.

Keratella cochlearis, Polyarthra vulgaris, Synchaeta pectinata, Synchaeta sp. Summer population of Hexarthra bulgarica in high altitude lake of South Andes.

Therefore the major role of macrophytes for this small-bodied zooplankton is food supply through an increment of net phytoplankton. Freshwater rotifers of Diveraidad Pradesh-checklist. In this work we studied the horizontal distribution of testate amoebae and rotifers in Lago Escondido Argentina in relation to food resources availability.

Land use and basin characteristics determine the composition and abundance of the microzooplankton. Archiv fiir Hydrobiologie Suppl. Las estaciones ubicadas en la zona de Schoenoplectus californicus El y E5, Fig. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Cyclopoida genera Mesocyclops and Thermocyclops.

The Notommatidae and The Scaridiidae; pp. GrospietschOgden Plankton and hydrochemistry of Lake Futalaufquen Patagonia, Argentina during the growing season.