Second edition. Two parts in two volumes. German interspersed with Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, and Judeo-German in Waybertaytsch letters. Entdecktes Judenthum / Judaism Unmasked () is a book by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger. Entdecktes Judenthum: Oder gr√ľndlicher und wahrhaffter Bericht welchergestalt die verstockten Juden die Hochheilige Drey-Einigkeit Erschrecklicher Weise.

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This is quite impossible as since July 21, not a single transaction has occurred on my PayPal account. Almost forty years later the original edition was released. Council on Foreign Relations.

For The Land and The Lord 2nd. Topics EisenmengerJudentum. Veterans Truth Network – Truth in Media: He studied rabbinical literature with Jewish assistance for some 19 years both at Heidelberg and Frankfort-on-the-Mainunder the pretense, it was rumoured, [1] of wishing to convert to Judaism. In chapter 2 he uses the term “begematria” as if it were a noun. The book was designed not only to reveal iudenthum Christians the existence of elements in Jewish rabbinical thought which Eisenmenger thought injurious to the Christian faith, but also to appeal to a free-thinking secular public, and to entddecktes Jews whom he wished to shock by his revelations.

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Judaism Discovered (Entdecktes Judenthum)

Meanwhile, two Jewish converts to Christianity in Berlin had brought charges against their former co-religionists of having blasphemed Jesus. The incorrectness of many of Eisenmenger’s translations is shown by Mudenthum in his “Rohling’s Talmudjude. Pranaitis read Eisenmenger and plagiarized from him, even his mistakes. If any such proposed transaction was negotiated, nothing came entdeckes it. Pranaitis plagiarized this word in his testimony at the Mendel Beilis trial and made it even worse, using it as a noun object to the Russian preposion “na” which means “in”.

His work is best characterized by Siegfried, who says “Allg.

Revolutionary Antisemitism in Germany: A new edition of the “Entdecktes Judenthum” was published by F. Some passages are misinterpreted; others are insinuations based on one-sided inferences; and even if this were not the case, a work which has for its object the presentation of the dark side of Jewish literature can not give us a proper understanding of Judaism.


Eisenmenger belonged to the class of insects which sucks poison even out of flowers. Oppenheimer was chiefly instrumental in procuring an order of confiscation from the emperor, who commanded that the whole edition of 2, copies should endecktes placed under lock and key.

In his Memoirs ,Heine calls them de Geldern to hint at noble origins. Almost forty years later the original edition was released. Entdecotes conclusion is that today the old style Colonialist has started to devour his own home country and town, through abuse of power of IRS officials and police.

Later scholars judenthun two episodes during his sojourn in Amsterdam, which may or may not be apocryphal, to account for the formation of his anti-Judaic outlook. History of the Talmud, Vol 1. A further, if minor, element in his polemic consisted of an argument that Germans were a distinct people within Christianity, descended enteecktes the Canaaniteswhom ‘the Jews’ were intent on destroying [13] in accordance with Deuteronomy 7: The anecdote perhaps is intended to suggest that the success of the Jewish request for the book’s suppression depended on its association with enteecktes Jesuits’ criticism [19].

If you know anything about Talmud, you know it was written in a mixture of Hebrew and Aramaic.


In regard to the first two points, Siegfried, for one, argued that:. Exposing Corruption, Informing Citizens and proclaiming Liberty: Entdecktew piously insisting that the Jews must not be converted by cruel methods, Eisenmenger blithely recommended abolishing their present ‘freedom in trade,’ which was making them ‘lords’ over the Germans. The Jews, who feared that the publication of this entdeckttes would give additional strength to the prejudice against them, denounced it as a malicious libel; and the fact that only a year previously riots against the Jews had occurred in the diocese of Bamberg, and that in the same year July 21 a mob had sacked the house of the court Jew Samuel Oppenheimer in Vienna, made their opposition all the stronger.


Precisely because of its extensive citations of primary sources in their original languages, with facing translations, it has long furnished antisemitic journalists and pamphleteers with their main arguments.

Johann Andreas Eisenmenger – Wikipedia

However, entdecktea State refused to honour its debts to him. Having collected from rabbinical literature all that was calculated to bring it into disrepute and to give justification for anti-Jewish prejudices, he published his “Entdecktes Judenthum” Judaism Unmaskedwhich has remained the arsenal for detractors of Talmudic literature down to the present day.

The aim of the riot was to pressure him over huge debts the Court had contracted for his services in financing the Habsburgs. Well, iudenthum you’ve read J.

Singer, Isidore ; et al. The work, in two large quarto volumes, appeared in Frankfurt inand the Elector, Prince Johann Wilhelmtook great interest in it, appointing Eisenmenger professor of Oriental languages in the University of Heidelberg. Retrieved from ” https: Paul Lawrence Rose writes:.

Johann Andreas Eisenmenger

This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Eisenmenger edited with Johannes Leusden the unvocalized Hebrew Bible, Amsterdam,and wrote a Lexicon Orientale Harmonicumwhich to this day has not been published.

For anyone who can handle the Truth: Criticism of the Talmud. For example Eisenmenger claims to have read Talmud in Hebrew. In particular he hoped to use his evidence in order to promote the conversion of ‘honest Jews’ to his own faith. Everybody learning Hebrew knows this, especially people learning Hebrew from the Jewish Bible, because the first word of that work in Hebrew is “bereshit,” “in the beginning.

He demanded too an immediate ban on their synagogues, public worship, and communal leaders and rabbis.

From a polemical point of view: