Peningkatan Kualitas Bungkil Inti Sawit Dengan Fermentasi Terhadap Aktivitas Enzim Dan Kandungan Zat Makanan. The experiment was aimed to determine the effect of Palm Kernel Cake fermentation by Pleurotus ostreatus (BISF) in ration on the performance of broiler . Request PDF on ResearchGate | PENGGUNAAN BUNGKIL INTI SAWIT DAN Penggunaan Kulit Nanas Fermentasi dalam Ransum yang Mengandung Gulma .

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Carbohydrate degradation was followed by releasing energy, carbon dioxide and water.

Lignin statistical value in fermented PKC was not significant. Most microbes including bacteria, fungi and yeast could produce various enzyme. Enhanced cellulose production by mutant of Trichoderma unti. This com- pound bound with cellulose and lignin through Hydrogen Bridge. Ilmu Ternak dan Veteriner 3: A series of experiment was carried out to increase the protein and amino acids content of palm kernel cake PKC that may be used to replace or reduce SBM in poultry diet.

Fermentation process caused degrada- tion in certain enzymes against the indigestible materials, cel- lulose and hemicellulose for instance, into simple glucose.

Click here to sign up. Nutrient Composition Chemical analysis result of palm kernel cake and the fer- mentation product showed that fermentation could increase nutritional value of palm kernel cake Table 1. Accordingly, mineral content before and after fermentation would be detected in form of ash with the same amount.

An experiment was conducted to improve the nutrient content of palm kernel cake through fermentation by Eupenicillium javanicum with combination inoculums dosage and fermented time. Supplementation of protein amino acids mixture or cassava leaf meal prior to fermentation increased the crude protein, true protein, some essential amino acids and reduced the crude fibre itni of the fermented PKC.

The parameters were dry mattercrude proteincrude fiber and fat of palm kernel cake fermented.


Effect of substrate composition and inoculum dosage to improve quality of palm kernel cake fermented by Aspergillus niger. Products of yeast metabolism were ethanol, citric acid, acetone, butanol, glutamate acid, lysine, nucleotides, polysaccharide and vitamins [8]. The first factor was inoculums dosage: Evaluasi pemanfaatan BIS yang difermentasi Aspergillus niger hidrolisat tepung bulu ayam dan suplementasi mineral Zn dalam ransum ayam pedaging.

Ash was composed of Ca, Mg, P and micro. The difference was also likely to occur due to material type and condition, and PKC extrac- tion process. Result showed that fermentation increased crude protein level of palm kernel cake from Search in Google Scholar. It was different from observation by [5] that fat content decreased in palm kernel cake substrate fermented using Candida utilis.

Gadjah Mada University Press. Pengaruh fermentasi bungkil inti sawit dengan Trichoderma viride terhadap perubahan komposisi bnugkil.

Sedayu- BantulIndonesia. Crude fiber in fermenatsi product also increased, as as- sumed to result from microbial growth that sawih some food substance, among which was crude fiber as fetmentasi. The increasing protein content in PKC was assumed to result from supplementation of inorganic N source urea and mineral into substrate and microbial activity that caused proper substrate degradation. Mannanase enzyme excreted by Candida utilis hydrolyzed mannane into man- nose.

From the carbohydrate composition of palm kernel cake, en- zymes in fermentation product were mannanase, alpha- galactosidase and cellulase. Results showed that PKC pretreated by autoclaving produced fermented PKC with higher crude protein and true protein as compared with those bungjil pretreated.

Hemi- cellulose hydrolysis produced pentose and hexose [5].

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Ilmu Ternak dan Veteriner Fiber Volume Fraction Cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin content did not de- crease Table 2 because of the degradation of cellulose with limited hydrogen bridge and unsystematic space between mi- crofibrils; furthermore, crystalline cellulose was hydrolyzed and it degraded covalent bond of crystalline cellulose.


Penelitian pertama dirancang untuk memperbaiki proses fermentasi dengan membandingkan efektifitas bunfkil BIS sebelum di fermentasi.

The decreasing substrate with high fat content such as palm kernel cake showed that Candida utilis. The quality of fermented product depended on the type of microbes and solid media used. Loporan Penelitian Hibah Bersaing.

Solid state fermentation, A review assignment, Desertation. Crude protein value of fermented palm kernel cake was higher than that of non-fermented.

Siregar, Z dan E.

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In line with Satiawiharja [20] on fermentation product, medium func- tioned as the source of carbon, nitrogen and energy. Pengaruh jenis kapang, suhu dan lama proses enzi- matis. Although enzymatically beta-mannane bungkiil indigestible by poultry be- cause of the absence of mannanase enzyme, physical diges- tion occurred through beta-mannane degradation into minor form namely mannan oligosaccharide MOS or even manose.

Studies in Broiler Chickens. Prinsip and Prosedur Statistik: MirnawatiAde Djulardi and Yetti Marlida. Program Pascasarjana Unibraw, Malang. The role of humic acid as heavy metal scavenger in processing palm kernel cake for poultry feed. The decreasing NFE showed the assigned carbohydrate as carbon compound in cell building synthesis.

Average dry matter of PKC was higher than that of FPKC, demonstrating that during fermentation, organic compound was degraded into simpler compound in which water was re- leased. The in- creasing crude fiber in fermentation product was likely to occur from microbial growth, in which the mycelium cell wall was cellulose and the undigested part of crude fiber like hemicellu- lose by Candida utilis.

Penambahan tepung daun singkong merupakan yang terbaik karena menghasilkan peningkatan asam amino esensil methionine dan tryptophan yang tertinggi. Mixing steps was conducted using laminar.