Furcation Involvement & Its Treatment: A Review. Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Advanced Medical and Dental Sciences Research. Shikai Tenbo. ;51(3) [Furcation involvement and its management]. [ Article in Japanese]. Hasegawa K, Miyashita H, Kinoshita S. PMID: The management of furcation involvement presents one of the greatest . The membrane was soaked in normal saline solution to improve its adhesion.

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In maxillary molars managemenh furcation involvement, this procedure is done when one root is untreatable, two roots have adequate bone support and the crown does not require a prosthetic restoration. Usually, there is manayement deep developmental groove which extends on the buccal surface of the root trunk from the furcation area toward the cervical line, where it terminates in a shallow depression or it may extend slightly on the enamel surface at the cervix.

Focus on furcation defects: Tooth anatomy is the primary determinant in establishing treatment planning for grade III furcation involvement. Home care by the patient plays a vital role in the overall prognosis of the treated tooth. Six months postsurgical horizontal measurements at the control site with knvolvement stent.

Root amputation is characterized as removal of a root without removal of the overhanging portion of the crown If the patient is not able to keep the furcation areas free from plaque further hard and soft tissue loss results. The presence of accessory canals in the furcation area involvvement easily extend the endodontic infection in the furcation area and may result in bone loss in furcation.

[Furcation involvement and its management].

Usually, the patients with severe bone loss and furcation involvement are recalled at month interval. Table 1 Changes in gingival and plaque scores.

You must be logged in to post a comment. The pocket is suprabony, involving the soft tissue and there is a slight bone loss in the furcation area. Following is the detailed description of these factors, Extension of inflammatory periodontal diseases into furcation: Before we discuss the treatment of furcation defects, let us discuss these terminologies first.


Presurgical vertical measurements at the test site with the stent. The mean change in horizontal probing depth values at the end of six months in the test and control groups were 2.

The term hemisection has been used interchangeably with root resection The patient should be educated about maintenance of good oral hygiene and should be re-evaluated involvvement a frequent interval. The resorbable GTR membrane with bone material was more effective than open debridement alone, in the treatment of furcation defects.

Along with the variables associated with the osseous defect itself, aspects associated with the tooth, and more specifically with furcation morphology,[ 24 ] obviously play a significant role in the outcome of GTR.

The patients were seen at the end of the first week when the sutures were removed and were instructed to use 10 ml of 0.

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Author information Article notes Copyright and License snd Disclaimer. Class III, Type 1: Clinical evaluation of anorganic bovine bone xenograft with a bioabsorbable collagen barrier in the treatment of molar furcation defects. Clinical and radiographic treatment evaluation of class III furcation defects using GTR with and without inorganic bone matrix.

The authors suggested unfavorable results of this therapy. The average root trunk length from the cervical line to the furcation area is around 4 mamagement. All measurements were made using the UNC probe, with the help of a custom-made acrylic stent, which served as a fixed reference point.

The membrane was soaked in normal saline solution to improve its adhesion properties as recommended by the manufacturer. A total of eight patients, four females and four males, in the age group of 18 to 65 years, with bilateral buccal grade II furcation defects in the mandibular molars, participated in the study.

[Furcation involvement and its management].

Register Lost your password? The management of furcation involvement presents one of the greatest challenges in periodontal therapy. Tooth loss in treated patients with periodontal disease. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Following are some of these proposed classifications for furcation involvement. However, complete hard and soft tissue formation may take as long as 6 months or more.


A textbook of periodontics and implantology. After the defect was filled with the bone graft [ Figure 9 ], the membrane was removed from the sterile package and was compared with the surgical template and reduced to the template dimensions.

Maxillary second and third molars: As already stated, the severity of attachment loss determines the portion of the snd, which can be saved and the portion which should be removed.

Presently available regenerative therapies have demonstrated good prognosis when used in grade II and III furcation involvement Health of a patient Importance of the tooth to the patient Costs and time factor Clinician-related factors: In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation.

kts The development of furcation lesions has also been demonstrated due to inappropriate treatments. The mean reduction in vertical probing depth values in the test and control groups were 1.

With the premise of possible synergism of combining osseous grafting and barrier membrane placement, management of grade II furcation defects via a combination therapy was assessed for feasibility and evidence of predictability. These changes reflect reduction of the horizontal inter-radicular probe penetration. Interradicular bone is completely absent. Various terms have been used to describe treatment procedures for furcation involvement in the literature viz; furcationplasty, root amputation, hemisection, root resection, root separation and tunnel preparation.

The mesial and distal roots may have a definite bifurcation point or they may be fused for all or part of their length.