Ieromonk Ghelasie Gheorghe: “Akathist of Repentance” (translation from Romanian by Alice Butnar). “The Transfiguration”, icon painting by. AVVA GHELASIE GHEORGHE This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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The mystery of the personal being-language is the mystery of the Christian hesychast mysticism.

Thinking must firstly operate a separation, to gheorgh itself and then return to the whole. Nature and spirit are not seen in a mere parallelism, but in two movements that are fulfilled one through the other. The Orthodox Theology and Science written with Pr. Patristic theology confesses a twofold ontological dualism: Terry Winograd, one of the pioneers of the use of AI for the understanding of human language, gheogrhe years after his most important contribution in AI, affirmed that the AI programs will never understand the natural language [4], and in their behavior will never go beyond a level similar to bureaucracy.

The Creation is the Gift that the Son presents to the Father. The central role of the word with a dialogic nature is one of the capital ideas of Bakhtin and should gheelasie understood in a more deep sense. In his works one can follow a ceaseless striving to manifest and extend the liturgical way of Orthodoxy into mystical modes.

Părintele Ghelasie Gheorghe de la Frăsinei: mai

This makes the language clearly distinct from thinking that is between parts or levels of the Self. Without the essence of language in itself, the person remain a monad closed in itself.

Gregory Palamas from the XIV-th Century on the distinction between being and energies in God is translated also at the anthropological level. In fact, AI has been investigating for more than fifty years how the human brain is working and how we can imitate it. Ghelasie establishes a distinction between two languages, originally in reciprocal affirmation: The contemporaneous language is favorable to an understanding of the limits not as a strict limitation but as a humility factor and an opening to dialogue, that results in an enlargement of the knowledge horizon.


It can de used in several directions, with multiple functionalities. However, even if software technology has become so tightly linked and useful to our lives, it has not succeeded to provide the needed tools for deeply processing human language. In other words, one tries to find two symbolic configurations that, through particularizations, become identical.

The Creation bears the seal of the Divine Act, which is imprinted in its very Being through the Divine word and Divine breath of life. In the elaboration and modeling of the studied phenomenon one uses beside the linguistic apparatus introduced by the different empiric experiments a logic-mathematical apparatus. Only His SON can. The ontological unity of the world asks for a unity and complementarity between science and theology.

Other domains of science and technology have achieved remarkable progresses but it remains still a mystery what is actually life, what is particularly common to living beings. Even the controversial cloning is not really obtaining artificial life but a genetic manipulation of life for procreation.

Until now, no machine or program has succeeded to pass the Turing test… To be objective, we should recognize that there are also remarkable results of AI, as for example the chess computer that defeated the world champion Kasparov, and many other accomplishments.

The Person is discoverable beyond mere energetic reasons by means of direct Communion. He approaches the connection between the liturgical life of the Church and the personal living of the mystery from many different angles.

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Chipuri De Lumina – Pr. Ghelasie Gheorghe Si Marius Caraman

In the last century, this theme even entered into the most prestigious scientific circles under the form of the idea of building humanoid robots, or, more general, artificial intelligence AI or artificial life. Manfred Clynes, who showed that emotion — as a full human experience — can be an experience that ghelzsie not subdue. Ghelasie remarks also the Trinitarian view that soul-language has the logic of reciprocal affirmative dialogue between integral and equal iconic unities: Even if artificial intelligence has indubitable achievements in the last fifty years, in spite ghslasie all previsions, the envisaged humanoid robots and many of the long boomed applications gheorgue not obtained.

This triadological vision is closely related to, is intertwined with the 14th century hesychast vision of the integrality of being and energies synthesized by Saint Gregory Palamas.

Human language is gaining new value today, in the context of the Internet and of the World Wide Web. Planck observes that for religion God is higher than thought and for science God is a crown of the reflection on the universe.

The instrumentalist current regards the scientific language as an epistemological instrument, stressing unilaterally the capacity of prediction and control of science. Ghelasie proposes an interesting approach to the relation between language and thinking from a mystical-theological standpoint, with implications on the dialogue between science and religion.

It expresses the experience of certain realities.