Hawkwood and the Kings is set in a parallel to our world’s late fifteenth century. I read Hawkwood and the Kings together with Century of the Soldier, which is. Light shelfwear to cover. Domestic orders shipped with USPS tracking numbers. Hawkwood and the Kings is the omnibus edition of Hawkwood’s Voyage and The Heretic Kings. The first two books in the five book series.

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Published August 1st by Solaris first published July 27th One viewpoint in particular broke my heart then broke it again then took the stringy, bloody pieces and fed them to hyenas.

That said, while some plots flounder, the Western Continent plot is absolutely riveting. This really highlighted Kearney’s prowess as he at no point in time why’s away from this book’s massive scope.

Hawkwood and the Kings: Best battle scenes in fantasy literature

Lord Murad, for example, is initially portrayed as an antagonist but by the end of the book he has gained more of the reader’s sympathy, whilst our erstwhile heroes Hawkwood and Corfe both have plenty of negative traits Hawkwood treats his wife badly, whilst Corfe fled Aekir rather than stand and fight.

The review is for the omnibus of the first and second books in his Monarchies of God series and for a good reason Since this seems to be getting more attention lately, I’ll add this: Jan 03, Philip Chaston rated it really liked it. An invasion by the heathen Merduks from the east, divisions within the powerful church, a bloody purge of the magic-wielding Dweomer folk and rumors of a hawwkwood unexplored continent across the western ocean – this kiings actually an omnibus of the first two books in the series was so full of plot that at first it was difficult to keep track of what was going on and what was important, the author kind of dives in and doesn’t look back.


He lives with his thr, their two youngest children, and their black lab in a year-old stone home, which also hadkwood his tthe office. Your email address will not be published.

Dec tthe, Newton Nitro rated it it was amazing Shelves: We use this income to keep the site running. The Ramusians have an ambivalent relationship with a neighbouring religious and cultural group known as the Merduks, who dwell in the lands to the east of Normannia. While there is not much which is really so bad, and I have probably been overly harsh in this review and this collection probably deserves an extra star The holy Ramusian Church is getting one of those urges again to do away with all people snd are different, and starts buring witchy people en masse.

The Monarchies of God is notable for covering a large number of events as the above detailed synopsis reveals in a short space of time.

Hawkwood and the Kings (Monarchies of God Omnibus, book 1) by Paul Kearney

The Torunnan army is virtually destroyed, but a Fimbrian army arrives to save the remnants. Kearney crafts Abeleyn into a person with whom the more you read about the more you empathize. However, they are attacked by a fellow hawkwoo who is revealed to be a werewolf and flee into the snow. Corfe is badly wounded in the battle.

Hebrion surrenders to the invaders. They capture cities and castles, enslave ad execute any who survive, and generally cause a whole lot of trouble for everybody involved. He does it well, for the most part, and it has a consistency and feeling which is very real – perhaps because we are familiar with Popes and janissaries and the Catholic Church’s suppression of ‘heretical’ texts whether from history books or from The Name of the Rose or the idea that the world was widely held to be flat at the time Columbus sailed West.


If you amd to understand how modern perspectives on religion can shape fantasy, this is the book; if you want to understand religious belief, go elsewhere.

Who seem to be either there to be fridged, or be Sexy Sexy Danger. He exists merely as a name to drive the forces of evil, and Monarchies of God works the same way. How does a fantasy bounded by rationalist assumptions read? Then we would’ve been spared boring songs and poetry about what plants Elves and Hobbits use. The entire series is roughly pages. They retreat into winter camp and Corfe is sent south with reports for King Lofantyr.

Since this seems to be getting more attention lately, I’ll add this: The magic system is only lightly touched on, which is a shame, since it looks fascinating, and the being onset by all sides is murderous to my nails if I was a nail biter. Jun 17, Prohobo rated it really liked hawkwod Shelves: Meanwhile, the Himerian Church establishes itself as a new empire, securing direct control of Almark after the king bequeaths the realm to the church on his death.

Each of hawksood five volumes is slim by modern fantasy standards. Another quality reivew although a tad biased from you Adam.

Long out of print, hawkwoood reissue is a very welcome move from Solaris. The series depicts the continent of Normannia, which is loosely based on Renaissance Europe.