Previous edition copyrighted , , , , by the C.V. Mosby Co. Cleckley, Hervey Milton, The Mask of Sanity. ISBN . The term psychopath has been kicking around since the nineteenth-century, but was popularized by psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley in his classic The Mask of . The mask of sanity; an attempt to reinterpret the so-called psychopathic personality. Citation. Cleckley, H. (). The mask of sanity; an attempt to reinterpret the.

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One last funny sentence: Women, for the most part, were expected to get married and have children. Most of the behaviours in this book that point to someone being a sociopath are socially acceptable ways for people to behave today I’d like to read this book on Kindle Th have a Kindle?

ov The most entertaining books open with a clevkley. The te in this book are the case studies Cleckley publishes, he recalls specifics and is very descriptive. Criticisms include that his work was scientifically limited, biased by social value judgments, that there has been a failure to distinguish the hypothesized emotional deficit from that associated with other disorders and to evidence its hypothesized semantic nature or neurological basis, or to put it in the context of any theory of motivation.

I realize that at the time Cleckley was considered correct and culturally in sync, but reading his thoughts on those subjects makes me thankful for being alive now, even if we still have a lot of progress to make.

Cleckley, his second wife, naming her as well as Hervey M. The distinction emphasized by Fenichel between ego-syntonic and ego-alien motivations compulsive acts cleeckley caution versus so-called ‘compulsive’ antisocial acts is a fundamental point and brings out a distinction not merely of degree but of quality AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

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While not a fan of Dr. Can be a little dry and it’s definitely out dated.


There’s a problem herbey this menu right now. Cleckley aspired to break this cycle by categorizing the characteristic traits of the psychopathic personality so that such individuals could be recognized by judges and psychiatrists alike, while simultaneously advocating for a reform of the medicolegal system that would enforce treatment at the discretion of a psychopath’s physician.

[Psychopathy: from “The Mask of Sanity” to social neurosciences].

A surprisingly easy read — I was expecting something much denser and indecipherable so it was VERY pleasant surprise. The term “mask of sanity” derived from Cleckley’s observations that, unlike people with major mental disorders, a “psychopath” can Dr. Working in Considered a revolutionary study of psychopathy upon its initial publication inHervey Cleckley’s The Mask of Sanity: However, aside from the subject matter, what I found most fascinating and often funny about this book is how it is written.

He suggests rather that a subtle yet profound defect at a fundamental biological level, probably inborn in some sense but not hereditary gives the example of agenesis of the embryo could be the main cause.

Despite the seemingly sincere, intelligent, even charming external presentation, internally the psychopathic person does not have the ability to experience genuine emotions. And of course, there has been significant progress in psychology in general and the study of psychopathy in particular since The Mask’s publication.

Read more Read less. Cleckley argues under a subsection titled “Not as single spies but in battalions” a phrase appearing in Hamlet [6]that although reliable statistics are hard to come hervdy, there are various reasons to suspect both psychiatric and prison admission rates are an underestimate, and the incidence of the condition is in his opinion “exceedingly high”.

Cleckley describes the psychopathic person as outwardly a lf mimic of a normally functioning person, able to mask or disguise the fundamental lack of internal personality cleeckley, an internal chaos that results in repeatedly purposeful destructive behavior, often more self-destructive than destructive to others.

The Mask of Sanity – Wikipedia

Cleckley refreshingly refrains from sensationalism in these pages. Cleckley provides detailed case histories of psychopaths May 29, Hari Brandl rated it it was ok. The Lust to Kill. The first edition was published inwith the subtitle then being ‘An attempt to cleckey rather than as later ‘to clarify’. Harea psychologist working in criminology, developed an influential Psychopathy Checklist based on the psychopath construct developed by Cleckley.


This was supposed to be a birthday present to her, but I enjoyed it more. I bought it because he recommended it for some reason I don’t remember, it was some time ago.

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Today, with our decline of treatment options for the mentally ill, these people are often in prison or working on Wall Street. I read the whole thing just for fun, but it turned out to be more educational than fun. However, paradoxically, he then states that psychopathy can be associated with particular sadistic drives and often be responsible for the most serious sex crimes. Jan 15, Kristina rated it liked it Shelves: The case studies were by far the most interesting part of the book.

I’m glad I began to skim and picked up what I could of these. Cleckley then considers whether psychopathy may be erratic genius. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

A chapter on “Sexual Deviation” is filled with outdated and offensive depictions of homosexuality. The rich clinical detail is not developed into a systematic psychological theory. To themselves, they’re just strolling through life, oblivious to the havoc they wreak.

Cleckley then surveys numerous characters in fictional works that he considers to be portrayals of psychopathy. By the way, I consider sociopaths and psychopath the same thing.

Who writes like this anymore? Cleckley then considers how schizophrenia is different from psychopathy, having a defect in theoretical reasoning.