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In other words, she’s done everything that had to be done since she got pregnant at 15 and lost the baby just to survive.

La regina dei diamanti

It grabbed me from the first line. Her charade isn’t a cover – she’s not an undercover operative – it’s for real. After their physical intimacy, Drea feels a strong connection to this man, and as their afternoon together ends, she begs him to take her with him.

I did not at all. Overall I’d give the first half of the book about 10 stars, while the other would get 3 or 4: Drea also knew what kind of man Salinas was when she hooked up with him and if she is really a very smart woman pretending to be a drug-trafficker’s bimbo, her attitude is very conflicting and unbelievable.

Once Rafael discovers Drea’s revenge, Rafael again contacts the Assassin So I went in with caution and prejudice. Will he do it? I can’t say I found this book to be as exceptional as some other readers did. Or is there an emotional side to the Assassin that also needs awakening? The rest you simply must read for yourself. Drea Rousseau is playing the part of ditzy dumb-blond-bimbo-girlfriend to a gangster Rafael Salinas. Unfortunately I must say that Death Angel is a major pass for me.


On the contrary, Salinas cared about Drea and if he wasn’t in love with her, he certainly acted like he loved her.

Yet the closer they get to danger, the more intense their feelings for each other become, and the more Drea realizes that the cost of her new life may be her life itself—as well as her heart. Open Preview See a Problem? IIRC, someone commented that she found him one-dimensional.

I was more curious to know a bit more about these two, what shaped them to what they became – especially Simon who remains a totally mystery to the end. That’s in keeping with the nature of this storyline. This was a truly embarrassing book and that is worse than being diamantl bad. That’s a lot of the linra old thing. Drea didn’t really change that much, it was good because it was more believable than a total personality transplant, but even her idea to go to the fbi was partially selfish.

Moreover, there was nothing in the story that said Drea was abducted by Salinas to be his personal sex slave Drea should have met Ariel Castro or that she was with Salinas against her will. Even though this was seriously annoying, it was still a fascinating read!

Will her kill her or not? Both humbled and thrilled with this unexpected second chance, Drea embraces her new life.

La regina dei diamanti : Linda Howard :

But like this book I did. Rafael gives his permission and leaves his girlfriend of two years with the cold blooded killer. I do believe I got buzzed again.

Simon goes from a cold-hearted killer, having raped Drea on their first meeting, to a somewhat moral dsi honorable man. Very unexpected, as I’ve never read Linda Howard before.


I quickly came to care about what happened to the characters, and I enjoyed the engrossing storyline. He turns to the assassin and offers him lz million dollars to find and kill Drea. The diamnti part is quite interesting, and the sex scene in the beginning and the only one in the entire book, I think is vintage Howard, kinky and enjoyable and free from all kinds of Kristen If it were not for the first 40 pages I would have given this book -0 stars.

I haven’t read a lot of romantic suspense and it is a New Year’s Resolution to amend that for next year.

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Bad decisions were everywhere. It was suspenseful and nail-biting, what with the sexy assassin, the heist, the getaway, the chase!

Why and how does this suddenly happen? Simon is as cold and calculating as they come. I read some reviews that said he was too cold or that the reviewer wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t have killed Drea in the end.

The unlikely twist in the middle of the novel was totally unexpected and made for a very interesting turn of events. His own salvation from a mercenary, unfeeling, cold and machine-like existence was heart-warming and I revina the way LH made it happen without long-drawn out passages.

And then it got weird. I am amazed by how much I liked this book.